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Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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my grandma just asked me if i have a boyfriend yet and i told her no and she was like “GOOD stay away from them boys” 

later she asked me if i was about to play my “git-fiddle” (my bass)


I was listening to The Bends b-sides and thinking, “ahhh man, their b-sides are what so many bands strive for in their singles” and then I realized that not only is this a b-side, this is a live version. I always forget how amazing Thom’s voice was in the 90s.

So many of their live recordings are better than what they could do in the studio because they just get into it more with an audience feeding energy. So many bootlegs are better than stuff they’ve put on CD and they won’t even record some songs in the studio because they can’t make it better than what they’ve done with it live. 

They have definitely changed stylistically, but the truth is that Thom can still sing like this if he wants to… and when he does, everyone goes nuts. 

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ahhhh Vesper!!!

seriously this whole week i cannot stop thinking about that moment and driving home screaming about thom, i’m listening to the bends b-sides and just… yeah. i can’t stop. thom yorke, man. 


PJ Harvey & Nick Cave


PJ Harvey & Nick Cave

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My anaconda! DON’T!!!!


If you wanna now what a guy is really like, find out how he talks about women when they’re not around.

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but for real meeting your hero and having them be not only kind but open to you and all your awkwardness and hugging and handshaking every single person who was there… he climbed all those stairs for us and it just really warms me and soothes my mind to know that yes, he is real and even though it didn’t feel real at the time i turned around and looked at the starstruck fans and we all had the same look on our faces!

and the fact that folks met some of the others as well before the show as well! that’s so cool. 

i feel like so much of what he’s doing lately is about making a connection with people and that is so fucking much more important than money. i think he and his bands have a strong appreciation for the bonds that they’ve formed through fandom. people travel across oceans to get together to watch the band and that’s fucking amazing. traveling from country to country, city to city, saving up all our pennies and celebrating all that we’ve learned about ourselves and friendship and music! 

i know i don’t post a whole lot anymore, esp. about thom & co, but i really feel so moved just thinking about how wonderful it is to have a community that can get together for positivity and that we don’t wade in the negative press and negative emotions that can surround a band as over-examined and scrutinized as Radiohead. 


Holy fucking shit
He signed my name tag for work (hah now you know where I work oop) and signed Vanessa’s set list
He also hugged us
Shout out to the girl who first asked for a hug because I was literally about to
After she got hers I was next and I was like “well now I’m gonna ask for one too” and he was like “well ok! ” and was hugging me before I could even believe what was happening

After that everyone got a hug or handshake who asked

The show itself was fucking unbelievable, I got rail somehow and so did basically everyone but there was also hardly anyone there at first so we were worried but then people finally showed up

That band is so goddamn cute omg fuckin Joey and just everybody was on point and having an amazing night!!

It was such a great great unforgettable night and I just am so happy right now to have met so many cool people!

a year ago i met thom yorke and it was the greatest day

ordering things online is so stressful when you have to meet a certain dollar amount for free shipping

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Bat For Lashes (via)


Bat For Lashes (via)


I’ve been sick all day so I decided to draw my favorite person


I’ve been sick all day so I decided to draw my favorite person

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